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Instant Cheap Calls

Make instant cheap calls all over the world from only 1p per minute! Crystal clear long distance calls to countries everywhere for prices that are up to 90% cheaper than BT.

Start NowThere’s no delay and you can talk to your family, friends and make low cost business calls to any country in the world as if they were next door!

Calling from a mobile? Click here to make cheap calls from a mobile.

How does it work?

The cheap calls service works on your existing telephone line – there’s no need to sign up for an account, you don’t need to provide any personal details or credit card, and you can start using the cheap calls service immediately!

Easy to use

All you do is dial the access number from your UK landline and when prompted, dial the international number you want to get connected to. You are only charged for the price of the call to the access number, which can be as low as 1p/min.

To start making low cost International calls:

  1. Select your destination from the list below
  2. Find out which rate applies to you
  3. Call the access number
  4. Dial your number
  5. Talk

Select your destination from the list below:

Instant Terms and Conditions
  • You must have the bill payer’s permission before using our service.
  • You are charged from the time of connection to our service.
  • Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered.
  • BT apply a 15.97 pence (inc VAT) Call-Set-Up Fee to each call.
  • For customer services please call 033 3321 8705.
  • Services provided by New Call Telecom Ltd.

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